Data Storage

Our current interest is in coding for non-volatile memories which consider the unique physical characteristics of the non-volatile memory and on the low bit error rate requirements imposed in typical storage applications. Some of our recent results can be found in these publications.

  • S. Emmadi, K. R. Narayanan and H.D. Pfister, Half Product Codes for Flash Memory, in Proceedings of the Non-Volatile Memories Workshop, Feb 2015 | pdf
  • S. Kumar, A. Vem, K.R. Narayanan and H.D. Pfister, Spatially-Coupled Codes for Write-Once Memories, in proceedings of the Allerton Conference on Communications Control and Computing, 2015 | pdf
  • Y.Wang, K.R. Narayanan and Y.-C. Huang, Concatenations of Polar Codes with Outer BCH and Convolutional Codes, to appear in the IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communication, 2015 | pdf
  • P.S. Nguyen, A. Yedla, H.D. Pfister and K.R. Narayanan, Threshold Saturation of Spatially-Coupled Codes on Inter-Symbol Interference Channels", in proceedings of ICC, pp. 2209-2214, 2012
  • J. Jiang and K.R. Narayanan, Bit Level Algebraic Soft Decision Decoding, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 2008, Vol. 54, No. 9, pp. 3907-3928, September 2008
  • J. Jiang and K. R. Narayanan, Iterative Soft Input Soft Output Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes, IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, pp. 3746-3756, Vol. 52, No.8, August 2006
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